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Layered Waffles with Condensed Milk recipe

Condensed milk waffles cake is a dessert that combines condensed milk with waffles, creating something sweet and delicious. The combination of waffle batter and condensed milk creates a rich and creamy texture, and the two flavors complement each other perfectly. This layered waffle cake is popular in Eastern Europe and depending on the country has slightly different recipes. In this recipe you will find the most simple version of condensed waffles and won’t need any special equipment either. In addition, you don’t even have to cook it!

Waffles’ cake filling options

Sweetened condensed milk

The simplest version of waffles cake is to use sweetened condensed milk for each layer. Condensed milk is a thick dairy product that comes from evaporating whole milk. It’s often used to add sweetness and flavor to foods or beverages. The condensed milk gives it a rich taste and makes it super moist.

Dulce de leche – caramelized condensed milk

Another option is to use dulce de leche which is caramelized condensed milk. This caramelized milk usually in Lithuania is called “Rududu” – a very popular lithuanian brand which makes caramelized condensed milk.

While simple condensed milk can be used to sweeten drinks and make desserts, caramelized milk mostly is used for desserts. It goes well as a layer for the waffles.
Also you can make layers from both condensed milk & caramelized condensed milk. Layers like this: waffle → layer of condensed milk → waffle → layer of dulce de leche → waffle → layer of condensed milk → waffle → layer of dulce de leche and etc.

Condensed milk waffles recipe

🕐Prep Time: 30min 🕐Cook Time: – min 🥄Serves: 1 big waffle


  • 130g of thin waffles
  • 397g of sweetened condensed milk (or caramelized condensed milk)
  • 100g of butter


  1. In the pot on medium heat melt the butter.
  2. Pour condensed milk and mix till you get one consistency.
  3. On the plate or cutting board start layering: waffle – 1-2 spoons of condensed milk mixture – gently press – waffle – 1-2 spoons of condensed milk mixture – gently press and repeat this process till you finish waffles or condense milk.
  4. Firmly wrap waffles in the plastic wrap and leave in the fridge for 4-5 hours, best – overnight.

Nutrition table of waffles with condensed milk

Nutrition Facts
Amount per serving100 g
Calories408 Kcal
Energy value1707 kJ
Fat11.5 g
Saturated Fat4 g
Carbs49 g
Sugar0.12 g
Protein7 g
Salt0.03 g

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