• Cacao Curd Cake recipe
    Delicious cake with a cup of hot drink! Simple curd cake recipe which requires only several ingredients and is quick to make!Cake might resemble a Russian chocolate cake, however the ingredients are quite different.Greek yogurt in this recipe is a sour cream alternative which saves fats and calories, but tastes as good as sour cream. It also gives a creamier texture to the cake.
  • Quick Crab and Rice Salad recipe
    Quick crab meat salads only in 20 minutes! Perfect meal to eat between meals as it will make you full until your main meal. Even though it is made from imitation of crab meat it tastes delicious and is cheaper than using real crab meat. This dish is very common in Eastern Europe and is considered as comforting food.I would recommend using light mayonnaise for this salad as it will be easier to digest and it will taste better. Optionally you can sprinkle salad with green onion.
  • Ground Beef with Rice and Vegetables
    Simple, creamy and delicious meal with all the flavors! So far my boyfriend’s favorite meal and if you love chili soup – it will become your favorite too.This beef and rice meal is convenient as you can cook everything in ONE POT (less dishes to clean 🙂 ) and it tastes good even the next day. All the flavors come from the spices which you need to season the beef with while it is still cooking. If you add them at the end, the dish won’t have as many flavors as you would like. So far my favorite serving is […]
  • Moist Honey Cake recipe
    Moist, sweet and a bit sour honey cake. One piece is enough as it is quite filling. This cake is even better if it stays in the fridge for 2 days as it gets an even richer taste. Be sure to put a thick layer of sour cream mixture to get a delicious and moist honey cake.
  • Travelling to Paris – 5 days with French food
    The capital of love, guardian of famous art pieces and city of famous desserts – Paris. Paris is still in the top of the most visited cities in the world. This capital I visited at the end of November 2018, just before serious protests in Paris… In general the city did not leave a big impression, but the food, it did leave an unforgettable experience… Our small lunch at Louvre museum cafe. We were lucky as the waitress still gave us a morning snack deal which cost about 8-9 euros. It included hot beverage, juice and a pastry. I really […]
  • Creamy Roasted Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup recipe
    Super easy bell pepper soup which takes only 5 minutes to prepare. It is a comforting food which can be eaten all year round. Soup has a rich and creamy consistency with a bit of a sweet after taste from roasted bell peppers.Mascarpone can be changed to heavy cream or plant based cream if you’d like a dairy-free bell pepper soup. Roasted vegetables have a strong taste, but adding vegetable broth will give it a less intense taste. For this soup recipe I am using dry herbs, but it can also be cooked with fresh ones. If you choose to […]


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