• Šaltibarščiai – Cold Beet Soup
    My favorite Lithuanian soup, perfect for hot summer days. In Lithuanian it is called Šaltibarščiai, which translates as cold borscht. Usually cold beet soup is served with boiled potatoes sprinkled with dill. However, it can also be served with fried potatoes, French fries or mashed potatoes. All depends on your taste. This pink soup recipe is more for those who like thick soups. Therefore, if you add milk it will be less thick and still taste good. Also, it is possible to use kefir instead of sour milk, but this one you will definitely need to dilute with milk, as […]
  • Japchae – Korean Glass Noodle recipe
    Japchae (잡채) or Chapchae is a Korean dish which translates to mixed vegetables. It is a very popular dish during Korean festive holidays and usually is served as a side dish, but a bigger portion will fill you up. Japchae’s serving is flexible as it tastes good both warm and cold. This dish is prepared with sweet potato starch noodles – dangmyeon or other cellophane noodles (also known as glass, fensi or bean thread noodles) which are made of starch. Japchae tastes slightly sweet and savory. It is combined with crunchy vegetables and beef, but you can also use pork […]
  • Mini French Canelés recipe
    One of the tastiest and most known French desserts. However… It requires time and patience to make. Plan ahead as dough must be left in the fridge for 24-48h. Originally metal molds are used for caneles, which according to French is the right way to make them. However good quality silicon forms are good too when you don’t have metal ones. Just make sure that the molds are not too close to each other as then the caneles won’t cook evenly. Commençons!
  • Schnitzels and Beer – short trip to Berlin
    The country of Currywurst, good beer and unique history – Germany and its capital Berlin. Have visited this city twice and still remember the strong beer and amazing Schnitzels… The first time I visited Berlin in 2018 January and was not so lucky with the weather…Both days were rainy. The second time was the same year, but in July. This time the weather was perfect and Berlin looked so lively. Tip – rent a bicycle and explore Berlin! They have wonderful bicycle roads.
  • Easy Chicken with Cheese Topping recipe
    Juicy and full of flavor chicken with a cheesy top. This is a perfect meal for busy weeknights. Non stick pan and light mayonnaise will help you save more calories. If you use basic mayonnaise, try to add a bit less of it as it has more fat and might be too fatty. Let’s cook some chicken!
  • Easy Homemade Smoked Chicken Soup recipe
    Simple, delicious soup to enjoy not only during cold weather. Change the recipe with your favorite ingredients: instead of potatoes you can use rice or pasta, add beans, peas, celery or broccoli. It is best to use homemade chicken broth, but if you don’t have one, store bought will be good too. Just try to search for a more natural one.


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