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Balta mišrainė, or Lithuanian White Salad, is a classic that holds a special place in Lithuanian and East European cuisine. This white salad is a must during significant festive occasions such as Christmas or Easter. However, it’s not limited to holidays; it’s a go-to dish for birthdays, family gatherings, and celebrations. So, whether it’s a special event or a casual family get-together, consider adding this delicious salad to your menu. It’s a hit anytime!

What is balta mišrainė?

In Lithuanian, “balta mišrainė” translates as “white salad”. That is definitely a must-have during holidays and can be enjoyed either on its own or as a side dish paired with chicken, ham, or pork.

Storing white salad

To keep your Lithuanian white salad fresh, store it in a sealed container without mayonnaise. It will be good for up to 4 days.
Once you are ready to eat, add the desired amount of mayonnaise, mix it up, and enjoy. You can use any mayonnaise you like. My personal preference is “Hellmann’s light”.

Balta mišrainė – watch how to make it


Try Balta mišrainė, a Lithuanian classic perfect for any get-together! 🥗✨ INGREDIENTS 170 g cooked carrots 300 g cooked potatoes 160 g pickles 3 eggs 210 g canned peas Mayonnaise Black pepper Full recipe in my page: Edit: @Emilija Music: abba x britney spears mr wired up #baltamisraine #lithuanianwhitesalad #lithuaniansalad #recipe #salad #misrainerecipe #prepareyourplates #saladrecipe

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Balta misraine in a bowl

Lithuanian White Salad – Balta mišrainė recipe

Explore an easy recipe for Lithuanian White Salad – Balta misraine, perfect for holidays
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Prep Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Course Salad
Cuisine Lithuanian
Servings 4 portions
Calories 77 kcal


  • 170 g cooked carrots (3-4 medium sized)
  • 300 g cooked potatoes (3-4 medium sized)
  • 160 g pickles
  • 3 eggs
  • 210 g canned peas
  • Mayonnaise (amount depends on your taste)
  • Black pepper (optional)


  • Wash potatoes and carrots carefully. Add them to the pot with water and bring to a boil.
  • Once boiling, lower the heat and cook for about 40-50 minutes until potatoes and carrots are cooked.
  • Let the vegetables cool down and peel the skin.
  • Boil eggs for about 5-7 minutes (must be hard).
  • Chop potatoes, carrots, pickles, and eggs into small cubes. Add everything to a big bowl, including peas.
  • Sprinkle with black pepper (optional) and mix thoroughly.
  • Place the desired amount in a bowl. Add a spoon of mayonnaise and mix it up.
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Nutrition table of balta mišrainė (without mayonnaise)

Nutrition Facts
Amount per serving100 g
Calories77 Kcal
Energy value321 kJ
Fat2 g
Saturated Fat1 g
Carbs10 g
Sugar2 g
Protein4 g
Salt1 g

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