Schnitzels and Beer – short trip to Berlin

The country of Currywurst, good beer and unique history – Germany and its capital Berlin. Have visited this city twice and still remember the strong beer and amazing Schnitzels… The first time I visited Berlin in 2018 January and was not so lucky with the weather… Both days were rainy. The second time was the same year, but in July. This time the weather was perfect and Berlin looked so lively. Tip – rent a bicycle and explore Berlin! They have wonderful bicycle roads.

That is the place where you must try Schnitzel. Perfectly cooked, prices are low, good beer and the tastiest fries I have ever tried. Was here twice and both times left full and happy. Of course the place is pub style, so you won’t find fancy tables, more not so clean ones. Waitresses/Chefs do speak English and they have a menu in English.

This place specializes in Currywurst. The food was good, fries cooked well, however not something special. The environment is okay, very simple one, but sadly the waitress did not speak in English. But, she understood what we wanted to order as we just pointed to the menu. We have also ordered “Club-mate” which is German drink and has an interesting taste.

Strange or not, but Germans have really good Chinese food. Have tried rice with beef in soy sauce – good taste, and noodles with duck – amazing! If you are visiting German – try some Chinese food!

As a person with a sweet tooth I bought German chocolate – Ritter Sport. They do really make a good chocolate.. My favorites were with cookies and yogurt. And it would be a sin not to buy Nutella in Germany. They are cheap. Have bought 3 large jars of 900 g and several cute tiny jars of 25 g.

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