Exploring world’s favorite Italian Cuisine in Milan

Milan – the capital of fashion, city full of history and high-end restaurants. This city I have visited in 2017 March. We were very lucky with the weather – everyday was warm and sunny. Milan made me fall in love with Italian architecture and food. Anywhere you go, you are amazed by the city’s beauty…

For the first lunch we chose to eat at “Pasta d’autore Milano” which we found in Tripadvisor. They had good reviews and affordable prices. Waiters greeted us nicely, but got lost when we started speaking English. However the waiter called his manager and she explained all their menu in English. We have ordered Tagliatelle with pesto, Ravioli with meat, Tiramisu and Curd pie. All the food was wonderful, you could feel that pasta was freshly made. Atmosphere is also nice, modern and clean. Would definitely come back again.

Gelato – Italian type of ice cream which has a higher proportion of milk and less cream and eggs. We have found very good reviews in the google about Chocolat Milano shop and tried their famous gelato. Taste is richer than usual ice cream and as you see in the photo – portions are big! In Italy you must try pistachio taste gelato, chocolate, cookies or similar dessert, as they do know how to get that good pistachio flavor. We tried pistachio and chocolate flavor gelato. They have a big variety of gelato flavors, chocolate and chocolate desserts.

On the second day we had toasted panini for breakfast in Panini Durini. They have a large variety of paninis, some sweet pastries, good coffee and quick service. It was a relief to know that they had a menu in English.

It would be a sin not to try a pizza in Italy! We have ordered a pepperoni pizza… It was really good and needed no sauce… Simply tasty!
When you order a pizza in Italy it is better to avoid asking for the sauce as Italians might get offended. In their opinion, you are asking for the sauce because pizza is so tasteless, that you want to overshadow its taste with the sauce…

In Milan we also tried couchsurfing for the first time. Our host was very friendly and agreed to go with us to a bar. She also introduced us to Aperitivo – pay for drinks and eat as much as you want at the buffet. Also, time to time waitresses are coming and bringing more food to try… We drank only one cocktail each as there was no more space in our stomachs for more. It was a nice experience, but later we had a food coma…

The last meal in Milan – cappuccino, orange juice and cornetto. I never tried red orange juice before, so it was my first time trying and really liked it!

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